NY-Alert Help and Support - Transportation & NYSDOT TransAlerts
From the Add Notification button within the My Alerts – Home you can add Transportation & NYSDOT TransAlerts Notifications to your user profile. You will receive alerts related to Transportation including NYSDOT TransAlerts.

Clicking the Customize on the new Notification – Custom and save web page will display all the notification types within the Transportation basic notification option.  Besides the Transportation notifications used by county listed below are the NYSDOT TransAlert specific notification subcategories:

NYS DOT Road closure - Road closed, or for interstate or divided highways, closed in at least one direction. Trans-Alert FAQs

NYS DOT Blocked Lanes - One or more lanes are blocked, but at least one lane is open to traffic. Trans-Alert FAQs

NYS DOT Disruption & Unexpected Delays - Unexpected Conditions that do not involve closed or blocked lanes, but result in significant unexpected delays. Trans-Alert FAQs

NYS DOT Other - Other situations or conditions that impact the transportation system, but do not specifically fall under the road closure, blocked lane, and disruptions & unexpected delays. Trans-Alert FAQs

For a description of the abbreviations used in TransAlerts - NYSDOT TransAlert Abbreviations