NY-Alert Help and Support - Consumer Protection Board
The New York State Consumer Protection Board (CPB) invites you to receive its NY Alerts on recalls, scams, security breaches and other consumer protection updates. Please review the brief descriptions below, and select those of interest to you. The CPB advocates for and empowers New York consumers as the top watchdog and “think-tank” Agency in the Executive Branch of our State government.

1. Recall Alerts

Are you concerned about product safety? You can receive Consumer Protection Board alerts about recently recalled consumer products to avoid contact with or use of items that have been declared unsafe by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

2. Scam Alerts

Worried about falling victim to a scam artist? Sign up to receive the Consumer Protection Board’s alerts regarding the latest scheme which may have the potential to adversely affect New Yorkers.

3. Data Breach Alerts

Anxious about the security of your personal information or data? Keep track of data breaches that may affect you by receiving the Consumer Protection Board’s (CPB) Data Breach Alerts. A data breach involves the unauthorized access of personal information including Social Security numbers, credit card and/or bank account numbers, and other personal identifiable information. Thousands of New Yorkers are affected by data breaches every year. Protect yourself from potential identity theft or other misuse of your information by getting breach news from the CPB’s Identity Theft Prevention and Mitigation Program.

4. CPB Updates

Want to learn more about consumer issues impacting your wallet? Learn about your rights and how to be a smarter consumer by receiving our education and informational updates.